Your Election Center

You helped make history: Democrats flipped the House on November 6, thanks to the tireless work of volunteers like you. But we're not done. Can we count on you to keep fighting for our democracy with us?.

We said we'd give them a blue wave, and you helped deliver that promise. In many races, the votes from the Need to Impeach community made the difference between winning and losing. From Utah to Florida to Massachusetts, progressive issues won all over the country, and will benefit millions of people. Thank you for your hard work!

78,650 Need to Impeach supporters wrote 1,645,805 notecards to voters in all 50 states.

We flipped 34 out of the 43 seats we targeted.

In 8 districts we wrote notecards to more people than the margin of victory.(CA-45, CA-10, FL-26, CA-48, CA-25, VA-02, FL-26, IA-03)